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Mataji's birthday
February 20, 2023 Mataji's Birthday

A Message from Babaji !!!
Om Namo Narayan !!!

First the Bad News then the Good News !!!

The Bad News:
In Goa I was Diagnosed with High Grade B Cell Lymphoma
which had already spread to multiple parts of my Body and very hard to treat !!!

The Good News is:
On Arrival back to Kalifornia,
I presented myself to the Emergency Room @ Marin Health Hospital,
was admitted immediately, and after seeing the all the reports from Goa,
and meeting with the Hematologist / Oncologist, they have said that it IS curable !!!
It will be a 4 1/2 month process of ChemoTherapy, which I started right away,
as it is my only chance!

I am still in hospital here as I was feeling the side effects
of the first doses, which are now wearing off and I am stabilizing now
and expect to be able to go home tomorrow, which is a 5 minutes drive from here!
Everyone has been extremely nice and compassionate, and expect me to have a full

Everything is in Lord Shiva's hands now, but I feel good and confident of a full
recovery !!!

In light of all this my tour for 2023 is canceled !!!

More news soon !!!

Har Har Mahadev !!!
Jai Shri Mahakal !!!

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